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I've thought that forge was the greatest feature of Halo since day 1 - even the somewhat limited version that was available on the original maps was great, though it took some creativity to get anything done. It really hit it's stride with the heroic map pack, though, when the new objects added with it completely changed the way maps were made.

Warren (foundry)
Seige (sandbox)


When I first concieved Seige, my intent was to create a multi-theater combat area where players on one plane could directly affect gameplay on another plane. With the sky/ground theater interaction, this was as easy as adding sniper/laser spawns to both planes. More difficult was the ground/crypt mix - ultimately, I decided to place a rocket launcher on top of a platform in the crypt that could only be accessed by dropping through a chute in the center of the ground battlefield.

After I had finished placing the geometry and weapons, and was halfway through placing the spawn points I discovered that there is an absolute limit to the number of objects that one can place on foundry. I have since determined that this number is above and beyond the default objects in the level - but that removing the default objects does not increase the space under this limit. Since then, I have begun remaking this make with as many 'recycled' objects as possible in order to be able have a completed version that does not have significant portions cut out of it. As each piece must be individually collected, sorted, and place, this is an extremely time consuming process.

The red team starship, with fighter spawns.

The original starships were to be about twice the current size. Due to the limits of the budget system in forge, I had to half the size of these ships in order to make the other regions of the map playable. In addition to their vehicle allocations, each ship is equipped with a laser, a sniper rifle, and 2 fuel rod cannons - making them effective positions to provide ground support from.

Red team's ground base, with teleporters to both other theaters.

Each ground base is equipped to 2 small bunkers, which provide protected positions from which to defend against ground attacks. Scattered around the ground plane are a number of pillars, which break up the otherwise flat ground terrain, and can be user by advancing infantry to shield themselves from both ground and airbased threats.

a view of the crypt terrain.

The area style layout of the crypt theater is similar is some respects to Halo classics like Midship, Lockout, and Ascension. The direct view and line of fire between the two bases are interupted the the rocket launcher platform, with elevated positions to either side of the map from which to ambush troops attempting a direct dash across the board. Relatively clear areasto the outside of the map provide a path which cunning players could use to try to flank defenders.