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I've thought that forge was the greatest feature of Halo since day 1 - even the somewhat limited version that was available on the original maps was great, though it took some creativity to get anything done. It really hit it's stride with the heroic map pack, though, when the new objects added with it completely changed the way maps were made.

Warren (foundry)
Seige (sandbox)


With Warren, I wanted to explore the potential of having multiple independant pathways to an ojbective in a game. After considering several options, I decided to create a map with a large hill dominating the center, with viable paths under, over, though, and around to reach the enemy base.

View of the hill from the side A Battle rifle spawn, and several tunnel exits.

In order to keep the hilltop smooth and traversable, a spawning glitch had to be user to interlock the box and wall pieces from which the hill is made. However, the Ghost had a tendancy to get stuck in the geometry. After several attempts to fix it were failed, I place a barricade at the offending area, to encourage ghost drivers to stay clear of that patch of hilltop. Since then, the geometry glitch has not been an issue in playing or testing.

View of the hill from the side A base, and the main entrance to the tunnels.

The original entrance was smaller, and much less visible. Playtesting revealed that the entire tennel section of the map was heavily underutilised, and as such the main entrances were enlarged to encourage their use.

View of the side A base, with ghost, mongoose, and turret.
A teleporter to the Battle rifle spawn is in the hallway behind the base.

The addition of panels near the flag spawn points was one of several modifications to reduce the extreme effectiveness of the sniper rifle on Warren.

A view of the sniper spawn and the side B teleporter exit.

Additional fixes included the removal of a baricade that once provided cover to the sniper spawn, the placement of several explosive barrels on top of the hill wall, and the adjustment of the spawn locations/times of several weapons.

A floor view of the main tunnels.

The tunnels originally had a bubble shield, a portable cover, 2 SMGs and 2 brute spikers at each end. The portable cover and brute spikers have since been moved outside the tunnels, to the base of the corner Battle Rifle spawns.