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Ants vs Bees:

Ants vs Bees is the final project that I'm working on at Algonquin, along with 7 other people. It is a casual game being made with C# and XNA for deployment on the Xbox 360. It can be best summarised as Risk with insects, and the theme and gameplay of AvB follows a somewhat humorous and slapstic approach. Combat is handled with the dueling "golf bars", quite like the approach taken to the minigames in Fable 2.

A fresh new game.

Gameplay currently supports offline multiplayer, from 2 to 4 players. The hex board is generated fresh each game by the players, who take turns placing clumps of 7 hexes to their own satisfaction, thus generating a fresh and new experience each time the game is played.

Soldiers face off against each other.

For almost the entire developement of AvB, my own tasking has been creating the combat system. (my final milestone is actually titled "Combat Awesome") The golf bars have proven to be a highly entertaining combat system: they start off moving slowly back and forth, but speed up each time a player gets it in the target zone, and slow down when a player misses. As soon as there's not a tie, the loosing unit dies.

The Blue soldier dies.

Programming the battle HUD was one of my additional tasks, in order to assure that users had the clearest possible view of what was happening in the game during a fight. I also programmed most of the mesh emmitter used for blood spray effects on unit deaths, spawn locations, player hinting, and several other things.

The Blue queen watches the battle.

A player's Queen is his most powerful unit. It is the strongest combatant in the game, and it is the location around which new units spawn that the start of every day. Protecting one's own queen, and attacking the enemy queen are both high priorities for AvB players.

Red workers harvest from an apple.

Bits of food scattered around the field can be harvested for resources by worker units at the end of each day. These resources can in turn be spent on new units to reinforce the player's army during the midnight phase.